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Warehouse Safety Services is a new company that was conceived as a result of customer needs and the Supply Chain Net-Works' (SCNW) dedication to providing a safe workplace. Providing a safe workplace is an ongoing project that requires training, inspections, audits, and appropriate response to damage when it occurs.

Providing a safer warehouse environment involves understanding where the potential hazards may exist within a facility and also producing preventive measures for prepairing and reducing danger.
WSS offers services in rack repair, maintenance and inspection as well as training programs to educate businesses about the potential areas in their facility where safety may be of concern.

We are a unique company in that our divisions have highly competent professional engineers that can assist when required. Our speciality is not mechanical/structural engineering, it is safety; giving us a unique opportunity to expand our competency beyond the analysis of safe usage, by also providing design review.
In-house Inspection Tool & Software
This is a NEW product that will help you perform professional inspections. It will assist you in performing the required inspections & eliminate unnecessary replacement and offloading....
Rack Accidents Happen!
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Online Pre-Start Health & Safety Review for New Racks
A Pre-Start Health and Safety Review (PSR) is a requirement that comes from the Ontarion Ministry of Labour Regulation 851 - Industrial Establishments. Section 7 of...
Rack Repair
Damage to rack is not uncommon in most warehouse facilities. When braces, posts, or beams incur damage, the structural adequacy and capacity of the racks can be...
Rack Inspections
If the frequency of damage is high within your warehouse facility, you might want to consider
a full rack inspection. WSS will visit your facility and assess...
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